Don’t Let Misleading Plumbing Myths Cost You

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Don’t Let Misleading Plumbing Myths Cost You

Myths can spread like wildfire. It’s always important to research any myth before you believe it. Some myths can eventually cause serious problems for you and your plumbing system. Read more to see which plumbing myths you shouldn’t put any stock into believing.


1. Flushable Wipes Are Fine To Flush


This seems reasonable, but it unfortunately causes issues. Flushable wipes don’t dissolve and break apart as quickly as toilet paper. The term “flushable” is correct in that you can in fact flush them down the toilet, but the chances of them creating troublesome clogs in your plumbing system are high. Clogs that involve “flushable” wipes are quite common.


2. Your Water Heater May Explode


If you hear loud sounds coming from your water heater after it has been initiated, don’t think your house is about to explode. What’s actually happening is that sediment which has built up within the heater is making noise. Minerals, such as calcium, tend to collect at the bottom of your heater tank. When your unit’s burner is engaged to heat water, too much sediment will make it harder for heat to rise normally. Air bubbles created during this event can create loud sounds as they pop. This isn’t a sign you need to run for cover, but it is a sign that you may need a water heater flush or perhaps even a new water heater.


3. Faucet Leaks Are Not That Bad


Just. Plain. Wrong. Even a small drip from your faucet can cause more problems than you would think. This is a problem on two levels. First off, you’re losing water you’ve paid for and these drips add up, making your water bill higher.

On an entirely different level, a steady drip drains our most precious life sustaining commodity. A single drip each minute adds up to nearly three gallons wasted each month. This may not seem like much in your home, but consider the amount of leaks occurring all over the country. That’s a lot of wasted water when added up. As water supplies are a valuable resource, wasting any amount is not only detrimental to you, but to the world as a whole.


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