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Air Conditioning Repair

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It’s 98 degrees and sweltering. You’ve turned your air conditioning up but cool air doesn’t seem to be coming out of the vents. What could be wrong?

Often when your AC is running but not cooling there can be a very simple cause. If you can hear the unit running but you’re not feeling any cooling comfort in the house you should:

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  • Check the thermostat. Sometimes your thermostat may not be on the correct setting or may have been turned off by mistake.
  • Check the air filter. When your air filter is too dirty, your system can run and generate cool air that never makes it to your vents because of blockages. If your filter is dirty, replacing it could solve any air flow issues.
  • Check the outside of your air conditioner. Sometimes debris or dirt can prevent your condenser from releasing heat. Clean off anything you may see covering the condenser to see if that improves your air flow.
  • Check your breaker box. Look to see if a circuit has been tripped to your outside unit. This means that the outside unit will stop producing cool air but your indoor unit will continue to blow. Reset any tripped breakers.

If you check these areas and nothing looks amiss, you could have a more serious problem with your AC unit that requires a professional technician to diagnose and repair the issue.

Doug’s Service Company has been handling home cooling issues since 1988. We know air conditioners and we know what summers are like in Thibodaux and Houma. If anyone has the expertise to resolve your air conditioning repair issues, we do.

Call Doug’s at 985-746-1116 , contact us or book now for air conditioning repair today.

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