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Tips to troubleshoot your A/C equipment

Hot Man Tips to troubleshoot your A/C equipment
Don't panic and take these simple steps to check your A/C system. First if you have a digital thermostat make sure the display is working.…
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Try these helpful tips to free the clog

Toilet Trouble Try these helpful tips to free the clog
Try these helpful tips to free the clog. If necessary quickly shut the water off at the water valve directly behind the toilet by turning…
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LSU Maintenance Study

Van2 Scaled 1 LSU Maintenance Study
Why Get A Tune-Up On Your A/C Comfort System?   Years ago, the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service at Louisiana State University teamed up with Gulf…
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Air Conditioning Repair Prevention

Dougs Old Ac Contest Photo Air Conditioning Repair Prevention
During the hot Houma, Thibodaux, New Orleans summers, your air conditioner is essentially your best friend. That being the case, it would be completely understandable…
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Are your ducts costing you money? Are your ducts costing you money?
What do your ducts look like? According to Energy Star In a typical house with ducting about 20 to 30 percent of the air that…
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Signs You Have Contaminated Water

Pouring Water Into Glass From Kitchen Faucet Signs You Have Contaminated Water
If you’re like most people, you probably assume that it’s perfectly okay to drink and use the water in your home. However, that’s not always…
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Preparing Your Home for Summer

Friends Having Bbq During Summer Preparing Your Home for Summer
If you’re like most people, you take full advantage of summer weather and invite guests over for a fun day in the sun every chance…
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Lawrence J Mango-Kraemer
Lawrence J Mango-Kraemer
19:55 07 Jun 21
Just recently moved to Louisiana and I bought a gas stove. Unfortunately, the old owners had an electric one and I don’t know how to change electric outlets or gas line/valve stuff. So, to make a long story short the home is older and has fuses and breakers. So, for my own safety and comfort I contacted them. They were very responsive and were able to get me in the same day! When I googled an electrician Doug’s was the first one to pop up. I’m so glad that him and a team member came to my home and installed two new outlets with correct wiring for the gas stove and switched out the gas valve and knew where the shut off was. So, now I can go to sleep knowing it was done correctly and will not have any issues! So, thank you Doug’s!!!! I will definitely use them again if needed!
Scott Davis
Scott Davis
18:49 05 Jun 21
Prompt and professional service. Very happy with service.
Georgiana Cotton
Georgiana Cotton
13:46 04 Jun 21
Joey was very professional and awesome. He explained everything that would be going on for the installation of our generator. I'd definitely recommend Doug's to my family and friends
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