Where is the Main Shutoff Valve in Your Home?

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How to Shut Off Water to the House

Taking quick action in the event of an emergency relies upon your preparation. In the case of flooding in your home which occurs from faulty plumbing or a faulty appliance, learning where the main water shutoff valve is located is very important. Do you know where this valve is? If nothing instantly comes to mind, you could be left unprepared in the event of a leak.


Imagine this:


You come across a pool of water on your floor. After looking up, you realize that it is coming from the ceiling and the bathroom on the floor above. You can’t stop the water as the fixtures in the bathroom are all in the off position How can you shut off the water? Where is the valve?

Don’t worry! Doug’s Refrigeration is here in the Thibodaux and Houma area to help. We can arm you with the knowledge you need to prevent a leak like that from damaging any more of your home.


How to Locate the Main Water Shutoff Valve

The valve is going to be on the ground level of your home, near the perimeter. If you have a basement, it will probably be located there. Without a basement, it is frequently located near your water heater or under the kitchen sink, but not always. Sometimes it is inside the house, and sometimes it is outside.

These are a couple steps you can take from there:

  • Go From the Mainline – Your water main takes the most direct path to your shutoff valve. If you know where your water main is, try to walk the shortest route to your home from it.
  • Look at the Inspection Report – If you know where to locate the inspection report from when you purchased your home, it will say where the valve is.
  • Look For the Valve Itself – There are a couple of different types of valves. Look for a wheel or handle, usually painted, on a small, exposed pipe. There will also be a meter.

How to Use the Main Water Shutoff Valve

For a valve with a wheel, turn it left to shut off. If it has a handle, push left. From there, call a licensed plumbing such as Doug’s Refrigeration to determine exactly where the leak is originating from and the options for repair or replacement.

If you are still unsure where the main water shutoff valve is, don’t hesitate to give Doug’s a call! We’re happy to help you locate it. Get in touch with us at (985) 746-1116.

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