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Here’s What You Need to Know Before Your Water Heater Purchase in Thibodaux & Houma, LA

If your warranty is expired or your current water heater is defective, it’s time to look into all the new water heater features that perform best in your Thibodaux, LA home.

The ideal water heater should:

  • Save energy
  • Provide enough hot water for the entire house

Here’s what to think about with each feature.

» Saving Energy

Heating water takes more energy than you would think. In fact, it can compose a whole 20% of your energy bill if you have an old water heater.

New energy-saving water heater facts:

  • Replacing a larger water heater (above 55 gallons) can reduce utility bills by 25 – 50%
  • Replacing a smaller water heater (below 55 gallons) can raise efficiency by 4%
  • There are different types of water heaters that can provide different efficiencies (See “Types of Water Heaters” below).

» Providing Hot Water

It can be pretty bad when your water heater is the wrong size for your house. Here’s what can happen:

  • Water heater is too small – You will not receive enough hot water where you need it. No one likes surprise cold showers!
  • Water heater is too big – That much hot water is not needed for a home under a certain size. You will end up paying more than you need to in utilities for something that will never benefit you.

If you think you may be experiencing these hot water problems, the only solution is a replacement. Luckily, there are lots of options for an upgrade.

Types of Water Heaters

These water heaters all have different ways of saving energy and providing hot water, so consider your particular needs before selecting.

  • Standard – Stores hot water at all times. Initial cost is lower, energy use is higher.
  • Tankless – Provides hot water only on demand. Initial cost is higher, energy use is lower.
  • Solar – Powered by a renewable resource. Initial cost is higher, energy use is free.
  • Indirect – Saves heat by not applying it directly to the water. Energy use is lower. Works better in cooler climates. (Not ideal for the Thibodaux area).

Unsure about the ideal water heater for you? Doug’s water heater experts can help you decide what’s best for your home. After you’ve selected the best choice, we are happy to help you install it in your home.

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