What You Need to Know Before Paying for an AC Replacement

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SEER is this magical number rating that supposedly ranks the value of air conditioning units. However, this isn’t exactly black and white. Doug’s would like to show you how to interpret SEER for yourself in order to confidently navigate your next AC replacement in Thibodaux, LA.

The Basics

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It’s the cooling capacity to power input. It goes on a scale of 14 – 21 as of January 2015, when the standard was set by the EPA for the minimum number.

A lot of people simplify this to just an “efficiency” rating. That can be pretty misleading.

What SEER Actually Means – The Bad

SEER is the potential a unit has for efficiency. That means that it can reach the SEER rating if your entire HVAC system is in optimal condition, but it may not. Considering that a unit’s price increases significantly as the SEER goes up, it might not be the best short or long term decision to go with a higher ratio.

In order to get reach the SEER rating on a particular unit, your home has to be equipped. For example, if your home is poorly insulated, you will will most likely not see a big increase in efficiency just by having a system that runs more, even at a lower setting.

Energy savings wise…A sky-high SEER is unlikely to pay for itself. You will save maybe $60 – $70 on your energy bills a year if you do a 3 point upgrade in SEER.

The Good

There are real benefits to having a higher SEER. The cooling is usually better quality, more evenly distributed throughout the home and it will help to eliminate extra moisture from the air. (This is a real perk for Louisiana!)

The cooling is better quality, specifically with 2-stage cooling models, because there are different modes that enable it to not have to click on and off all the time. There is a steady cooling at the lower stage that enables a longer, uninterrupted run time.

Tricks to Be Aware Of

Other companies may try to deceive you by basing your potential energy or money savings on the assumption that your current unit has a very low SEER. Protect yourself from this by researching what SEER your current model is or looking for the information on the unit itself.

Another sneaky thing some AC companies will do is overestimate the price of lower SEERs to make higher SEERs look not as expensive. Most pricing information is readily available online.

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