The Nest Thermostat – A Smart Choice for Busy Families

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This Cool Gadget Learns What’s Best for Your Family

What sets the Nest Thermostat apart from others? Unlike the rest, this one calculates your temperature preferences and acts accordingly. By giving you heat or AC only when you need it, the device saves energy and brings your electric bill down in your Thibodaux, LA home.

Benefits of the Nest Programmable Thermostat

The Auto-Schedule Feature

This is the main feature that has popularized the Nest Thermostat. After you start entering your temperature adjustments, over the next few days, the Nest Thermostat learns your preferences. It has to detect a pattern first, so if there is an odd adjustment here and there for a special circumstance, it won’t incorporate it right away.

Changes as You Change

One this thermostat learns how to accommodate you, it can continue learning. It won’t be set on the same patterns forever. As soon as there is a modification in your routine (or several modifications), it reprograms itself to best serve you.

Adjustments It Can Help You With

  • Sleeping – Many people enjoy cooler nights and warmer days.
  • Waking – After getting out from under the sheets, having warmer air is nice.
  • Work – When no one is home, your HVAC can relax.
  • Family – Be able to adjust the temperature remotely if someone is home before you.

There are endless possibilities for specific events. For example, you can have it adjust to the cooler temperature you prefer for a few minutes while cooling down from a workout. On top of that, it can remember different schedules for the weekend and weekdays, enabling it to keep track of more than just daily patterns.

Environmental Options

How can you keep track of how much energy you are saving with the Nest Thermostat?

Luckily, it takes almost no effort. The thermostat will give you an energy history of your habits and show you daily trends as well as the total picture. The time you spend away from the house should be a great opportunity to reduce your home’s energy usage.

  • The Nest Leaf – This is an icon that appears on the Nest Thermostat when you are making a thermostat choice that positively impacts the environment.

Save Money and Make Your Day Simpler

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