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Wifi Thermostats

Save Energy & Maximize Comfort in Your Houma or Thibodaux Home

Adjusting your manual thermostat can be a pain to remember, but with a programmable WiFi thermostat it’s as easy as setting it up and going about your business. Doug’s Service Company recommends and installs the Nest thermostat, which uses advanced technology to program itself. Within a week of its installation the Nest will learn from your temperature changes and begin automatically adjusting itself to meet your home comfort needs!

Additional benefits of a Nest programmable thermostat:

  • Auto-Away – Nest sensors can tell when you’re away and resets your home’s temperature to save energy.
  • Energy History – Break down how much energy you’re using with a detailed energy history.
  • Remote Control – Make adjustments to your Nest and view the energy history from your smartphone, laptop or tablet via the Nest mobile app.
  • Weather Aware – Nest connects to your Wi-Fi to see the current weather to understand how the weather is affecting your energy use.
  • Humidity Sensor – Know what the humidity is in your home and let Nest control your whole-home humidifier and/or dehumidifier for maximum comfort.
  • Filter Reminders – Nest tracks how much you’ve used your heating system and reminds you when you need to change your filter.

Cut your energy usage by as much as 20% with a Nest programmable WiFi thermostat. Call Doug’s Service Company or book now to get yours today!

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