Signs for Heating Repair In Houma

Dougs Signs For Heating Repair In Houma

As the winter months approach, the days will get colder and will inspire you to use your heating system to get warm. But as you’re looking to your wonderful furnace for a refuge from the cold, you may find yourself in a dilemma. It isn’t uncommon to find yourself in a situation where you may need a heating repair service in Houma. However, it is important to recognize the signs of a necessary repair. 

When to Call a Houma Heating Company

As the expert heating techs in Houma, Doug’s Service Company has seen just about everything that can go wrong with heaters in the winter months. To help you enjoy a warm and cozy winter, we compiled the top signs that indicate a heating repair in Houma. 

High Energy Bills

Have you looked at your energy bills recently? If it seems that they are increasing each month without an increase in your energy expenditure, you may be experiencing a problem with energy efficiency in your heater. Energy efficiency is dependent on several things when it comes to heating your home. When a tech from a Houma heating company arrives to inspect potential energy efficiency concerns, they will check the following areas:

  • Clogged air filters decrease air flow and cause the heater to work harder
  • Blow motor to ensure that is set correctly in its place
  • Thermostat for correct calibration
  • Air ducts for potential air leaks

Any of these issues will require repair to ensure that your heater is working at optimal levels and isn’t wearing out too quickly. 

Poor energy efficiency is typically the result of poor maintenance. Learn more about why HVAC maintenance is important for your home. 

Poor Air Quality

If you notice that the air quality inside your home is not what it used to be, you may be in need of a heating repair. Poor indoor air quality is caused by clogged air filters, mold, and other adverse problems with the HVAC system. 

As time goes on, poor indoor air quality will cause health issues such as headaches, asthma, allergies, and other respiratory concerns. If your home consistently feels muggy, stuffy, or dusty regardless of what you do to fix the problem, consider contacting a tech from a Houma heating company for help. 

Loud Noise

Probably the first obvious sign of a needed heating repair is a loud noise coming from the furnace during operation. Though some sounds are normal and even welcomed, other sounds are cause for concern. Here’s a quick breakdown of the common sounds you’ll hear that will require repair for a Houma heating company:

Popping or Banging

This sound is the result of an excess buildup of gas in the igniter. If you hear this sound, it is time to call a repair tech to have it cleared out before the heater stops working altogether. 


This sound may indicate something is stuck in the furnace. It is important to retrieve that item or paper because it may cause a fire or decrease the unit’s efficiency. 

Scrapping of Metal

If you hear any scraping coming from the furnace, it may be indicative of an issue with the blow motor coming loose or displaced. When this happens, the blower motor will start rubbing against the parts of the furnace. It will eventually break off at the part that is scrapping and will lead to very catastrophic results. 


If you hear a high-pitched or squealing noise, the blower bearings may have worn out or have become misaligned. A repair tech will need to make the necessary adjustments to eliminate this noise and prevent further problems. 

Is it your AC that’s giving you grief rather than the heating system? If so, check out these things that you can do before calling an AC repair company. 

Top Furnace Maintenance in Houma

All of these issues can be prevented with a regular furnace inspection provided by knowledgeable techs from Doug’s Service Company. If you require heating repairs or you feel that a maintenance inspection is due, contact us today to schedule a visit for your home. We are available seven days a week to serve your needs. Call us today at (985) 322-5943.

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