AC Won’t Turn On? Check These Before Calling An AC Repair Company

Doughairpros Ac Wont Turn On Check These Before Calling An Ac Repair Company

It seems like it’s the hottest day of the season and in desperation for relief, you head over to turn on the air conditioner. But what is supposed to be a simple task is starting to become extremely frustrating. The AC won’t turn and it’s causing the sweat on your forehead to drip in bullets. What do you do? Do you call the AC repair company or run to the nearest air conditioned place?

Most Common Problems Affecting Your AC Unit

The moment is intense, but take a deep breath and relax. Before making any drastic decisions, we invite you to try a few things to get your AC running again. Here are some of the most common problems affecting your AC unit and how to fix them: 

Power Issues

Sometimes AC units experience power issues that prevent it from starting. Though they sound significant, they are actually quiet simple. Here’s what you do to check for power issue:

Check The Circuit Breaker

Usually the circuit breaker is located outside and has all the switches to everything that is powered by electricity. Find the switch for the AC. Turn it off for few minutes and turn it back on. 

Check The Low Voltage Wire

The low voltage wires are responsible for transferring power from the home’s electricity system into the AC unit. They can be located in four places: the thermostat wire, thermostat, the indoor or outdoor unit. If you see the short wires are disconnected, you found the problem to your dilemma. Unfortunately, unless you know how to fix this problem, you will need to contact your AC repair tech to help you out. 

Check The Circuit Control Board

The circuit control board is the powerhouse of the AC unit. It’s malfunction will lead to the entire unit poor performance. Here’s what you do to check it’s function: 

  • Locate the circuit board inside the furnace or air handler. 
  • Check the diagnostic light – if it’s blinking, that is a telltale sign that something is wrong. 

Sometimes, the switch on the circuit board isn’t down enough to power the AC. Put tape over to keep it pressed down, thus preventing futher shut downs. 

Thermostat Batteries Are Dead 

If you’re having trouble turning your thermostat on, you may have dead batteries as the culprit. The main symptom for this problem is a blank thermostat screen. To change the batteries, take off the cover, remove the old batteries and replace with new ones. 

Low On Refrigerant 

The AC unit requires special fluid in its coilds to produce cool air. If its low or out of refrigerant, your AC will not work. Unfortunately, this issue will require proper inspection from an air conditioner repair technician. They would have to refill the fluids to match the manufacturer’s requirements and inspect for possible leaks. In the event of a leak, repair or even a replacement of the AC will be required. 

Clogged Air Filters

When it’s the first heat wave of the season and you haven’t cleaned or replaced your air filters since last summer, chances are they’re clogged and causing your AC to not work. 

Air filters are very important as they promote the circulation of air inside the home. If they are clogged, the air will not be able to travel as easily. When it traps inside the unit, it will freeze, preventing the AC from working. It is a self-preservation mechanism built into the AC to prevent permanent damage.  

To check your filters, locate them inside your home. Usually they are behind larger-looking vents on the side of a wall. Carefully examine your filters – are they lined with a lot of debris and layers of dust? If so, they will be need to be cleaned. If you prefer, contact an air conditioner repair near you to help you out. 

The Indoor Disconnect Switch Is Off

Find your indoor HVAC unit and look for a switch, similar to a light switch you would see on a wall. Sometimes those get turned off by mistake. Simply turn it back on and see if that fixes the issues. 

When To Contact AC Repair Near Me 

If you checked your AC for all the common issues and you’re still dripping with sweat in a hot room, it is time to call your air conditioner repair service. Call our AC repair technicians if you’re not comfortable tackling any of these problems on your own. Our skilled and experienced technicians will provide prompt, high-quality service. In a short time, you will be enjoying a working air conditioner and living your best life. 

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