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Zoning Systems

What Is HVAC Zoning & Why Will You Love It

Would you have one light switch to turn on all the lights in your home or business? Of course not, so why heat or cool every room in your home or business to the same temperature if they are not currently occupied?

Zoning is the ability to control the temperature in individual areas — or zones — of your home or business. It can save you money and drastically increase your comfort.

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Ideal Cooling Comfort With Zoning

Imagine having one air conditioning system installed in your home and having the ability to control the temperature in your master bedroom suite, the kids’ bedrooms and your living area completely independently.

Mom and Dad like it 70 degrees at night while the kids like it 74 — this all can be accomplished with zoning. HVAC zoning works by installing a damper system in your HVAC ducts and a smart thermostat with zoning controls. The master suite’s zone is set to 70 while the kids’ zone is set to 74, and the smart thermostat tells the damper system how to control the flow of air through your ducts to ensure each zone stays at the you can set different temperatures in each zone to meet everyone’s comfort needs with a single AC system.

Energy Savings & Money Savings

Do you want to pay only for the air conditioning you are using? Zoning is your answer. By grouping your unused rooms into their own zone, you can set that zone to an extremely energy-efficient, warmer temperature while continuing to enjoy cooler temperatures in your inhabited rooms.

It’s a green way to keep everyone comfortable while using only a fraction of the energy. Save the planet while saving money on utility bills.

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