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Zoning Systems in New Orleans

What Is Zoning & Why You Will Love It?

Zoning is the ability to individually control the temperature in your home or business in designated zones. Would you have one light switch to turn on all the lights in your home or business? Of course not, so why heat or cool every room in your home or business down to the same temperature if they are not currently occupied?

Zoning can save you money and drastically help increase your comfort. Imagine having one air conditioning system installed in your home and having the ability to control the temperature in your master bedroom suite, the kids’ bedrooms, and your living area completely independently. Mom and Dad like it 70 degrees at night while the kids like it 74 — this all can be accomplished with zoning. In your office, imagine having independent office temperature control. Tired of employees complaining they are too cold or too hot? Zoning is your answer.

To learn more about our zoning systems in New Orleans and how we can help you, call Doug’s today at 985-746-1116 or contact us online.

How Does Zoning Work?

Every zoning system starts off with a great design, and that’s where we come in at Doug’s. We can custom design the perfect zoning system for your home or business. Over the years, we have designed and installed hundreds of zone systems. If you want to see how it works, no problem! Stop by our office where we have zoning installed. Also, the owners, Doug and Jeff Tauzin, both have zoning installed in their personal homes.

Zoning works by having thermostats installed in each individual zone that you choose on your design. Then, the system does the rest. The system decides how much airflow each zone gets based on how you set your thermostat. Modulating control dampers open and close based on the amount of airflow each zone needs at the given time. Once your system is designed right and installed right, the rest is taken care of by the system. You enjoy the benefits of enhanced comfort and energy savings.

Customers that have zoning systems installed by Doug’s absolutely love them and often report they would never own another heating and air conditioning system without zoning. Contact us to learn more about our zoning services in New Orleans, Thibodaux, Houma, and the surrounding areas.

Call Doug’s today at 985-746-1116 and let us design your perfect zoning system in New Orleans.