Make Bathroom Visits Safer For Someone With A Disability

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For people with disabilities, a trip to the restroom bathroom can be a daunting task, one that is time consuming and can even result in serious injury. From slippery, wet floors and cramped areas that often need to be strategically navigated, falls can easily occur in bathroom spaces. Luckily, there are quite a few modern technologies and fixtures that can make home bathrooms less cumbersome and safer for those with disabilities and mobility issues.


Hands-Free Faucets


These faucets offer significant convenience, as less movement and coordination are required for successful operation. This is helpful for individuals who struggle with muscle control. Simply placing one’s hands under the faucet activates the water stream. Some even include touchless hand dryers built in.


Hands-Free Toilets


Like hands-free faucets, these toilets require less movement and coordination for operation and are extremely helpful for people who have muscle control issues. Sensors initiate flushing and seat heights are higher for easier sitting and standing, therefore using the toilet becomes a much safer process with a reduced risk of falling.


Walk-In & Roll-In Bath Setups


Installing these bathtubs and showers allows for ease of entrance and exiting as the person will not have to lift their legs over the wall of the bathtub. Instead, they can easily walk into, or roll their wheelchair into the bathing area. There can be many other features to these setups including:

  • Handrails on the outside and inside for safe movement and stability.
  • Non-slip floors with textured tiles to help to reduce falls.
  • Seating to provide comfort and safety.
  • Hand shower fixture for easy washing.


Always Use A Professional For Update Installations


There are many variables that need to be considered during any bathroom update. This is especially true when making updates to accommodate a disability. A professional plumber will be able to properly remove old fixtures, showers and tubs, then correctly assess your existing water lines and piping before installation.


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