Does homeowners insurance cover sewer line repair?

When you become a homeowner, you quickly become familiar with the responsibilities and unexpected challenges that arise. One such challenge homeowners face is sewer line repair. 

Sewer line repairs are often costly, prompting many homeowners to seek ways to make them more affordable. As a result, many homeowners look to their homeowner’s insurance policy to see if it can help offset the cost of repairs. In this blog, we will dive into the many factors of sewer line repair costs and the role of homeowners insurance to understand whether such repairs can be covered. 

Who is Responsible for Sewer Line Repair?

Trying to figure out who is responsible for sewer line repair can take time for homeowners. In most cases, homeowners carry the responsibility for maintaining and repairing the sewer line that runs from their property to the main sewer line. However, certain circumstances would prompt a phone call to the insurance company to get a claim started. It is important to be aware of these circumstances to know when to get your homeowner’s insurance company involved with your sewer line repairs. 

When Homeowners Insurance Will Cover Sewer Line Repairs

The burning question for homeowners facing sewer line issues is whether their insurance policies will provide the financial safety net they need. Homeowners need to review their policy details and discuss specific scenarios with their insurance providers to understand the extent of coverage. Below is a breakdown of when insurance will and will not cover sewer line repairs. 

When Sewer Line Repair Coverage is Available

  • Sudden or accidental damage such as fallen trees
  • Weather-related perils such as heavy storms, floods, earthquakes
  • Vehicle-related incidents that cause damage to the sewer line
  • Vandalism and malicious acts
  • Utility failures
  • Backup from public sewers
  • Endorsements or riders 

When Sewer Line Repair Coverage Will NOT Be Covered

  • Gradual wear and tear of the sewer line system
  • Negligence and lack of maintenance 
  • Pre-existing conditions that existed before the sewer line issues came about
  • Intentional damage caused by the homeowner
  • Earth movement and settlement 
  • Flood damage
  • Sewer backup without endorsements 
  • Business activities 
  • Government actions such as zoning or public works projects

While certain events like flooding and earth damage may not be covered, you can buy add-on coverage to your insurance policy for such events. 

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Sewer Line?

The costs of sewer line repair can be significantly high, which is why many homeowners become very nervous when facing this dilemma. Costs can vary widely depending on factors such as the following: 

  • The extent of the damage
  • The location of the repair
  • The chosen repair method

Those repair methods that involve digging up the yard to access the sewer line are more expensive due to the labor that is required for the job. In 2024, homeowners can expect sewer repairs to range between $650 to $7,500 when the job involves sewer line replacement. 

This range in costs will depend on the length of the sewer line being repaired, how it is repaired, the labor costs of the plumber, and materials being used for the job. In Houma, plumbers charge $45-$165 per hour. We recommend getting multiple quotes from several plumbers in the area to get the best deal possible. 

How Long Does it Take to Repair a Sewer Line? 

Time is a critical factor when it comes to sewer line repair. The duration of the repair process depends on various factors, including the chosen repair method and the complexity of the issue. Traditional excavation methods may take several days, considering the time needed for digging, repairing, and restoring the landscape. Trenchless sewer line repair on the other hand, is known for its efficiency, with some projects completed in a matter of hours. 

We recommend discussing the timeline of your repairs after the initial assessment of the repair issue and its damage. Your plumber should be able to give you a clear estimate of how long the work will take. However, remember that some repair jobs can take longer than expected especially if unforeseen issues are encountered. 

Got a Sewer Line Issue?

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FAQ: Sewer Line Repairs

What is trenchless sewer line repair?

Trenchless sewer line repair is an innovative method for fixing damaged or deteriorated sewer lines without traditional excavation. Instead of digging up the entire pipe, specialized equipment is used to create a new, durable lining inside the existing one. This minimally invasive approach reduces costs, preserves landscaping, and speeds up the repair process, making it an increasingly popular choice for homeowners and municipalities.

How do you repair a lawn after sewer line replacement?

After a sewer line replacement, repair your lawn by backfilling and compacting the trench, leveling the soil, and reseeding or resodding as needed. Maintain consistent watering, fertilize appropriately, and apply a layer of mulch to promote healthy grass growth. Following these steps will help restore your lawn’s appearance and vitality after the sewer line replacement.

Who pays for sewer line repair?

Determining who pays for sewer line repair depends on the location of the damage. Generally, homeowners are responsible for repairs within their property boundaries, while municipalities may handle issues with the main sewer line. Homeowners’ insurance may cover sudden, unexpected damage, but routine maintenance or wear-and-tear expenses are typically the homeowner’s responsibility. Local regulations also influence responsibility allocation.

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