How to Test Water Pressure in Your Houma Home

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Water pressure is an essential element to plumbing that few people think about until it becomes a problem. Many plumbers in Houma would agree that water is key to proper plumbing maintenance and as a result, we dedicate an entire blog to teach you how to test the pressure of the water in your home. Read on to learn how you can do this simple process by yourself.

When is Testing the Water Pressure Necessary

How do you know that the water pressure needs to be tested in the first place? Unless you’re plumber in Houma, the answer to this question is probably not obvious. And let’s face it, sometimes plumbers need a bit of investigation as well before they conduct this test. Below, we provide the top reasons for checking the water pressure in a home. 

Plumbing System Maintenance 

Sometimes testing the water’s pressure is required for no other reason than for maintenance. Monitoring the water pressure allows you to detect any abnormalities or fluctuations that may indicate issues within yor plumbing system. Low or high water pressure can signs of leaks, clogs, or malfunctioning pressure regulators. 

Fixture Performance

Sometimes poor water pressure is a result of malfunctioning fixtures. To understand if the problem is caused by a fixture or a more internal issue within the plumbing system, a test will have to be preformed. This test will help you understand what, if anything, needs to be repaired. 

Water Conservation

Sometimes a plumber in Houma will perform a water pressure test when there is a lot of wasteful water usage. High water pressure requires a higher amount of water, which leads to waster and high water bills. Decreasing the water pressure will help lower the costs and waste but a test will need to be performed to understand the issue at hand. 

Pipe Protection

Excessively high water pressure can strain and damage your pipes over time, potentially leading to leaks or bursts. By monitoring the pressure, you can ensure it remains within a safe range to prevent unnecessary stress on your plumbing pipes.

Safety Concerns

When the water pressure is too high, certain pipes can burst. This will lead to safety concerns that include potential electrocution, structural damage, and the development of mold. 

Instructions for Testing Water Pressure

Now that you know why ensuring the water pressure in your home is at appropriate levels, you also need to know how to test it instead of having to a call a plumber in Houma for help. However, you won’t be wrong for calling a pro either. 

1. Purchase a Water Pressure Gauge

Most hardware stores carry water pressure gauges available for purchase. Pick one up for yourself, making sure that it is suitable for residential settings. If your local hardware store doesn’t carry such pressure gauges, you can also check out online stores as well. 

2. Locate an Outdoor Faucet or Hose Bib

Once you have the pressure gauge, you will need to find the outdoor faucet or hose bib that connects to the home’s water supply. We recommend checking along the perimeter of the house as these faucets are normally on the exterior wall. 

3. Attach the Pressure Gauge

Removing any attached hoses or other attachments, secure the pressure gauge to the faucet or hose bib. 

4. Turn Off Other Water Outlets

Now, turn off all water outlets in the home which include faucets in the all sinks, showers, and even the dishwasher. Only keep the outdoor outlet turned on. 

5. Open the Faucet 

Turn on the outdoor faucet, taking your time to allow the water to flow through the pressure guage. Give the water flow a few seconds to stabilize the pressure. 

6. Read the Pressure

Now that the pressure has stabilized, read the pressure gauge and take note of the reading. A good range for the water pressure in residential settings is between 40 to 60 psi 

7. Repeat the Process

This is an optional but highly recommended step. Repeat this process at different times of the day to ensure that the water pressure stays within the appropriate range depending on the time of day and water needs. 

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