Are You Dealing with the Negative Effects of Hard Water?

Woman Drinking A Glass Of Water

If you had it your way, your home’s water supply would be perfectly clean and taste crisp and fresh all the time. However, that sadly isn’t always a reality. Residential water can contain dozens of minerals and contaminants that make it anything but ideal to drink or use.

One of the biggest issues homeowners find is that they have hard water flowing through their pipes. If you’re not sure if you’re dealing with the effects of hard water, here are a few things to keep an eye out for.


Your Skin is Unusually Dry

When you shower or wash your face using hard water, you likely aren’t fully washing away soap or body wash. While those products can make your skin smooth and soft when they’re washed away, if they’re not, they can dry out your skin instead.


Your Laundry is Scratchy

The concept of hard water not washing soap away in your shower also applies to detergent when you do laundry. This can leave your towels and clothes feeling scratchy — and, also, the colors or your laundry to fade over time.


Your Have Calcium Spots on Your Plumbing

Since hard water contains calcium, limestone, and other minerals, when it comes in contact with them, those minerals can leave white deposit stains on your plumbing fixtures. While you can wipe them away time and time again, they’ll reappear as long as you still have hard water.


Your Pipes Frequently Clog

While clogs can develop for a number of different reasons, hard water can be one of the culprits. Mineral sediments can build up inside your pipes and result in a clog.

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