Signs You Have Contaminated Water

Pouring Water Into Glass From Kitchen Faucet

If you’re like most people, you probably assume that it’s perfectly okay to drink and use the water in your home. However, that’s not always the case. You could be living with contaminated water and not even realize it!

Unless you want to be drinking, bathing, and washing your dishes and clothes in sediment, mineral, or bacteria-filled water, you should keep an eye out for the signs that your water may be less-than-ideal.


Hard Water

Hard water is H2O that contains a high amount of minerals — typically calcium and/or limestone. While hard water isn’t particularly bad for your health, it can be a nuisance when it comes to keeping your home and belongings clean.


Dry Skin and Hair

Soaps and shampoos don’t fully wash away when you use hard water. Therefore, you will be left with those products still clinging to your skin and scalp when you shower. When this happens, your skin can become dry and itchy, while your hair can begin to look dull and dry.


Scratchy Laundry

That amazing feeling of pulling warm, soft towels and clothing out of the dryer is a thing of the past when you have hard water. The same way shampoo won’t fully wash away, neither will detergent. This will leave your laundry feeling scratchy and looking faded.


Scale Buildup

The minerals that make your water hard — typically calcium and magnesium — can leave white scale buildup around your drains and on your plumbing fixtures. While you can take steps to clean and remove those deposits, the only way they’ll truly disappear is by working to remove the sediments from your water in the first place.


Chlorinated Water

In certain cases, your local water company will add chlorine to the water that comes through its system before it makes its way to your home. While this is done to purify the water, it can also leave it smelling like the town swimming pool at the start of the summer.

While nine times out of ten, there isn’t enough chlorine still present in the water to be a health hazard, it still isn’t an ideal odor you want to experience every time you turn the water on. A water filtration system can help clear the chlorine out to relieve you of the smell.


Sulfur Water

Do you turn on your shower only to be greeted by the smell of rotten eggs? If so, you probably have sulfur present in your water. This is especially common for homes whose water comes from a well system. As the water travels through the ground, it picks up sulfur and other minerals that contribute to the rotten egg smell.

Luckily, sulfur water is not harmful to your health — in fact, it’s thought to have some health benefits. However, that doesn’t mean the smell is tolerable. If your home is plagued by sulfur water, a water filtration system should solve the problem.


Cloudy Water

While a water treatment plant has the responsibility of removing particles and bacteria from the water it supplies in your home, sometimes, the job isn’t done as it should be. This can leave you with cloudy, translucent water that looks anything but appealing.

Beyond the poor appearance, cloudy water can also be a sign that too many settlements (or even bacteria) are present in your water. In order to remedy this problem, you’ll need to install a water filtration system to remove any bad particles from your water before you drink it.


Iron-Filled Water

Iron can be present in your water due to a number of factors — the most common being corroded pipes. Not only can this give pure water a bad taste, but it can also do a number on your plumbing fixtures.


Metallic Taste

It’s important to remember that iron is metal — so when it is present in your water, you will likely experience a metallic, tangy taste.


Rust Stains

As iron-filled water flows into your sinks, tubs, and toilet bowls, it can leave behind brown, rust-colored sediments that stain your fixtures.


Frequent Leaks

If the iron that is present in your water comes from outside sources, the metal can corrode the inside of your pipes, leading to frequent leaks and other plumbing issues.


For Cleaner Water, Call Doug’s

If you’re experiencing any of the problems we mentioned, it may be time to call Doug’s to install a water filtration system or water softener in your home or place of business. The licensed professionals at Doug’s will analyze your water needs and help you choose the right products and system to meet your needs.

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