5 Smart Strategies To Use When Shopping For A New AC System

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At some point in every Thibodaux and Houma homeowner’s life, they’ll be faced with the task of replacing their home’s air conditioning system. It’s not fun and it’s not cheap, but when your current AC system is aging and ineffective, it is necessary.

Since an air conditioning replacement costs around $5000, you want to be sure you buy the system that will provide the best value for your money. Use these five savvy shopping techniques to make sure that your new air conditioner is worth the money you’re putting into it


1. Choose a reputable contractor


There is no shortage of contractors in Acadiana who can handle your air conditioning replacement, but you want one who is licensed, certified, experienced and well-rated (like Doug’s). Your home comfort is too important to trust to someone who’s underqualified.


2. Follow your contractor’s recommendations/HVAC Contractor


While you should do your own research into your AC needs regarding brand, energy efficiency and cooling capacity, you hired a licensed contractor for a reason. It’s because they have comprehensive industry knowledge and will be able to give you the best options for a new air conditioning system that meets your needs. Take their recommendations to ensure your total home comfort.


3. Look for the Energy Star label/Energy Star


With energy costs on the rise, it’s important to make sure your new air conditioning system is highly energy-efficient. AC units that carry the Energy Star label are guaranteed to be at least 20% more energy-efficient than federal efficiency minimums, making them the ideal option for your home. If you can’t see the Energy Star label, check the SEER rating; if it’s 14.5 or higher, it qualifies as an Energy Star product.


4. Look for a good warranty


Your replacement air conditioner will deliver cool air to your home for then next 10 to 15 years, so it’s positively vital that it has a good warranty to protect against any sudden equipment failures. Ideally your new AC will carry a warranty of 5 to 10 years that guarantees repair and replacement of faulty parts. Just make sure you satisfy the requirements of your warranty by keeping up with your regular maintenance!


5. Replace the air handler and compressor together


If the compressor has gone bad but not the air handler, you may think it’s more cost-effective to only replace the compressor, but the truth is it’s actually best to replace them together. This is because the air handler is designed for the specific SEER rating and cooling capacity of the compressor it’s paired with, so pairing a new compressor with an old air handler will cause your cooling system to be less effective at cooling your home.


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