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Year: 2019

Are your ducts costing you money?
What do your ducts look like? According to Energy Star In a typical house with ducting about 20 to 30 percent of the air that…
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Signs You Have Contaminated Water
If you’re like most people, you probably assume that it’s perfectly okay to drink and use the water in your home. However, that’s not always…
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Are You Dealing with the Negative Effects of Hard Water?
If you had it your way, your home’s water supply would be perfectly clean and taste crisp and fresh all the time. However, that sadly…
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Common Reasons Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down
During the hot New Orleans summer, your air conditioner is essentially your best friend. That being the case, it would be completely understandable if you…
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Preparing Your Home for Summer
If you’re like most people, you take full advantage of summer weather and invite guests over for a fun day in the sun every chance…
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Most Common Plumbing Issues in Homes
If there's one issue that essentially every homeowner has had to deal with, it's a plumbing problem. From slow leaks to entirely flooded rooms, it…
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Common Home Repair Projects You Should Leave to the Pros
Fixing things around the house can be very rewarding. While there are many home repairs and design projects you can tackle on your own, some…
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Spring Cleaning- Pesky Plumbing Drains in Your Home
Around this time of year, everyone starts running around their home cleaning every surface, nook, and cranny possible. While we certainly support brushing off all…
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