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Electrical Panels

Replacements & Installations in Thibodaux & Houma

Your electrical panel provides electricity to your home or business. They are highly complex and involve many different wires and switches. You should contact a licensed electrician if your electrical panel has any issues at all since attempting to service it yourself is highly dangerous and can lead to severe consequences, including electrocution.

At Doug's Service Company, our highly trained and skilled electricians have been providing prompt and professional services to residential and commercial customers throughout the area for over 30 years.

As a result, we have a comprehensive understanding of this industry and we can install or replace your electrical panel quickly and efficiently. Using cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, we can safely service your electrical panel today.

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When to Call Doug's

There are numerous signs to look out for which may indicate you have an electrical problem.

We recommend that you:

Smell for odd or burning odors. You can use your nose to help pinpoint any electrical issues near outlets and your electrical panel. Burning smells indicate that fire damage has begun. If you do smell anything smoky or odd, contact an electrician right away to get the problem resolved.

Keep track of circuit breaker trips. When your system is overloaded, your circuit breaker trips and shuts off power to the circuit. This is completely normal. However, when it occurs often, such as numerous times per month, it is indicative of a serious electrical issue.

Keep an eye out for vibrating or warm outlets. Without directly touching any wiring, feel for unusually warm or vibrating outlets. These are signs that you have faulty wiring or another serious electrical issue.

If you believe that your electrical panel is old or needs to be serviced, contact the expert electricians at Doug's today. Call Doug’s Service Company or contact us online.

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Doug’s Is In It To Provide 5 Star Service!
Warren Bonvillain
Warren Bonvillain
19:15 30 Jul 21
Very pleased. The technicians Justin and Nick were very professional and courteous. Definitely will use them again in the future.
Sharli Himel
Sharli Himel
18:56 28 Jul 21
Justin and his crew were absolutely wonderful and very professional! They were quick and friendly with every bit of service and information! I would definitely recommend Dougs and their team to any of my family and friends!
Clarence Harris
Clarence Harris
15:05 27 Jul 21
I’ve used Dougs on a few occasions, to do a new central a/c system and ducts, a/c preventive maintenance and most recently to unclog a drain. Each time they have come out it has been a pleasure doing business with them.
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