Common Problems with Air Handlers

Dougs Common Problems With Air Handlers

Nothing is quite as nice as having a working air conditioning system that maintains a comfortable atmosphere in our homes. However, no matter how gray air conditioners are, they eventually develop problems that require the assistance of an air conditioning service in Houma

In this article, we will investigate the importance of an air handler to an air conditioning system. We will define what an air handler is and determine the possible problems that arise in this part of your HVAC unit. Read on to learn about the importance of air handlers.

What is an Air Handler?

An air conditioning system is made of two units, one placed outside and one inside. If you have a central air conditioning unit, the air handler will most likely be inside a unique closet, the attic, or the basement. 

Ductless air conditioning units have air handlers that are more apparent. They are usually attached to a wall and have control panels that help you regulate their temperature. 

As with anything in your home, air handlers require AC maintenance in Houma to avoid problems such as the ones described below. 

Blower Motor Failure

One of the most concerning problems that an air handler can develop is blower motor failure. The blower motor is the small motor that is in charge of pushing the cooled air into the vents and, subsequently, the home. If it isn’t working, your AC will work without much use. The air in your home will not cool as a result.

Broken blower motors result in increased energy bills, warm air, and a worn-out air conditioning system. Most issues with the blower motor require the expert assistance of air conditioning services in Houma

Dirty Filters

Another issue to expect with an air handler is dirty filters. Filters are the last part that air travels through before hitting your room. If the filters are dirty, your indoor air quality will decrease. Luckily, air filters are fairly easy to add to your AC maintenance routine in Houma. Make sure to check those filters every 2-3 months and clean or replace them as needed. If you use your AC on a daily basis, you will need to check the air filters every month. 

Maintenance is the key to avoiding big and small issues in your AC unit. Check out our blog to learn about the five benefits of AC maintenance

Condensate Pan Leaks

Keep your eye out when looking at your air handler for any leaks in or around the unit. Those leaks can result from leaking condensate pans that catch excess condensation. Sometimes these pans can overflow and spill out on the surrounding surfaces of the unit and house. If you notice water leaking from your air handler, call an air conditioning service in Houma for a repair. 

If this leak continues for too long, your AC will eventually break down. Your home may also sustain damage if the leak is big enough. Water can cause floor and wall damage. But what is even more concerning is the potential to have a mold infestation. Mold loves water and moisture. If the leak isn’t taken care of fast enough, it will grow and cause a hazardous situation for you and your family. 

Clogged Evaporator Coils

Every now and then, evaporator coils get clogged with dirt and debris that must be cleaned out. If they aren’t cleared, your AC unit will fail to cool your home. This is because these coils carry the substance (freon) that cools the air before the AC pushes it out into the air. If your coils are clogged, the air traveling through those coils will not go anywhere. This problem will eventually lead to the AC shutting down if it isn’t addressed in a timely manner. 

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