What Causes an Electrical Surge in Thibodaux?

Dougs - What Causes an Electrical Surge in Thibodaux

Electricity is probably one of the most important modern inventions that simplify our lives daily. However, when electrical problems arise, they can cause great challenges and even destruction. One of these problems is an electrical surge.

An electrical surge occurs when too much electrical voltage goes through the wires and into the connected devices. A device connected to too much electricity can suffer great harm. What kind of device it was powering will largely determine the level of problems it will cause.

When such events happen, you will most certainly require the help of an electrician in Houma or its surrounding areas. Read on to learn how electrical surges happen and how they are caused.

How Electrical Surges Happen

Electrical surges come about in a variety of ways. They can happen unexpectedly, but in most cases, they are produced in the following three scenarios:

  1. After an interruption of electricity followed by a quick start-up.
  2. Electricity is sent back into the system after its flow has been interrupted. 
  3. Voltage is increased through a power system by internal or external forces.

When either of one of these scenarios presents itself, an electrical surge occurs. These scenarios are caused by various electrical system defects that require electrical repair

Whole house surge protectors often prevent electrical surges. Read our blog to find out how they can protect your home. 

Electrical Overload

An electrical overload is when too much power is used in the same circuit. An excellent example is when too many devices are plugged into one circuit. The circuit is handling more electricity than it is meant to handle, which causes it to get overwhelmed. The excess amount of power being drawn into the circuit will create a voltage spike and an electrical surge.

When this happens, you will need electrical repair services to fix the wiring and help you gain the use of your circuit once again. 

Faulty Wiring

Bad wiring typically happens when part of the internal wires are exposed. This problem is often presented as a buzzing sound or burn marks in the outlets. You may also pick up a burning smell from the outlets, which is a true indicator for you to call one of the electricians in Houma for help. 

Faulty wiring isn’t always easy to spot, but a great way to find this problem is to have regular electrical maintenance inspections. The electrical repair service technician will be able to identify faulty wiring throughout the system and repair it. If it’s been a while since your electric system received an inspection, contact your local electrician today to schedule a visit. 

Lightning Strike 

Lightning storms are often underrated, but a single lightning flash can span hundreds of miles, causing damage to the surrounding structures. If the lightning flash hits your home, it will increase the voltage in your home and cause a power surge that will necessitate professional assistance from the electricians in Houma, like the ones at Doug’s Service Company

One safety tip to remember is to unplug as many devices as possible during a big storm. In the event of a lightning strike, you will be somewhat protected from a power surge. 

Power Outage

A power outage is caused by severe storms, locally mandated outages, or a downed power line. When the electricity is turned back on, it creates a spike in the electrical currents and quickly overloads the circuits. If your home doesn’t have a whole house surge protector, you may experience this problem after a power outage. 

It is best to unplug as many devices as possible during a power outage for safety purposes. Before turning everything back on, the best practice is to invite an electrical repair tech to come in and help restore all power to normal. 

Is your business prepared for a new season of storms and power outages? Find out why you need a standby generator for your business. 

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