UV Air Purifiers

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UV Air Purifiers

Have the Cleanest Air Possible in Your Houma or Thibodaux Home

With the rising cost of energy, today’s homes are built to be airtight and draft-free, and their heating and cooling systems are built to provide maximum comfort with minimum energy usage. While these energy conscious changes in construction and home comfort can be beneficial to your utility bills, they can also lead to poor indoor air quality.

Dust, pet dander, pollen and bacteria become trapped within the closed system, making your air unhealthy. That’s where a HVAC ultraviolet light, or UV air purifier, from Doug’s Service Company comes in.

A UV air purification system reduces the potential for harmful pollutants in your home, gives you cleaner, bacteria-free air and keeps the inside of your HVAC system clean. Your HVAC ultraviolet light disinfects the air moving through your ductwork, killing harmful bacteria and removing unpleasant odors and pollutants.

UV Air Purification - The Healthy Choice

Ultraviolet air cleaners remove micro-organisms like fungi, viruses, germs and bacteria, making them particularly useful in homes where a family member cannot tolerate germs due to chronic illness or immune system problems. UV air purifiers are also an excellent investment for allergy and asthma sufferers, as any airway-irritating mold in your ductwork is killed by the UV light and no new mold can grow

Make sure you’re breathing clean, healthy air.

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