Winter Is Coming. Make Sure Your Heating System Is Ready

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It’s still warm outside right now, but the weather is changing here in the Thibodaux and Houma area. Temperatures are falling and so are the leaves. Fall has arrived and winter is coming. Thankfully, we’re safe from White Walkers here, but that doesn’t mean your heating system is safe from the winter chill. Make sure your home is ready for winter with a heating tune-up from Doug’s Refrigeration.


Why Heating Maintenance Is A Good Idea


  • Your heating system will operate more efficiently. By thoroughly cleaning and lubricating all components, your Doug’s technician will ensure that your heating unit works at peak efficiency throughout the winter.
  • Your heating bills will decrease. Some years ago Gulf States Power teamed up with researchers at LSU to determine the benefits of heating maintenance. Their study found that tune-ups create an average monthly savings of $26. What could you do with an extra $26 each month?
  • Minor repairs are included in your tune-up. During your maintenance visit, if we find any problems with your heating unit, we’ll go ahead and fix them. Not only does this save you the cost of a minor repair, it prevents you having to pay the cost of a major repair further down the road.
  • Your heater will last longer. By having your heater tuned up each fall, you’ll be able to extend its operating life by as much as 50% — a unit that would have needed replacement after 10 years would last 15 years with regular maintenance. Given that a replacement unit can cost several thousand dollars, being able to make your unit last longer is a beautiful thing!


You can prepare your home for winter by calling Doug’s for a one-time heating maintenance appointment, or you can keep your system functioning efficiently for the long term with a Service Club membership. Both the Premium and Ultimate memberships include autumn heating maintenance and exclusive service discounts you won’t get anywhere else. Keep your family safe and comfortable this winter by ensuring your heating system is ready for anything Mother Nature decides to throw our way.


There’s No Better Time To Prepare For Winter Than Now

Winter may not seem that close yet, with the temperature still hovering in the low-70s, but it will be here before you know it. Rather than wake up to a cold house because your heater couldn’t take the chill, call Doug’s at (985) 746-1116 to schedule your heating maintenance today.

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