Why You Should Never Attempt an Electrical Repair Yourself

Dougs Why You Should Never Attempt An Electrical Repair Yourself

Whenever it comes to fixing things around the house, many homeowners try to cut down on expenses. One of the ways they do that is by making any necessary repairs themselves. In most cases, that is perfectly acceptable, but it is best to leave it to the professionals when it comes to electrical repairs. Why is this the case, and why can’t you just do it yourself? 

Electrical Repairs Must Be Done By the Pros Because….

At Doug’s Service Company, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced electricians. We have seen everything ranging from quality repairs to a DIY project gone wrong. We are here to tell you that most homeowners rarely have regrets about calling an electrician but frequently have regrets about taking matters into their own hands. We encourage you to give us a call anytime you need an electrical repair for the following reasons: 

It Can Be Dangerous

The first and main reason is that electricity is a whole beast that must be dealt with cautiously. You must have the proper training and experience to make the necessary repairs. One mistake can lead to electrocution, shock, and danger to your health and life. 

Electrical fires are responsible for about 51,000 fires each year, many of which are significant. Many people lose their homes and even lives due to a problem with the electrical system. Therefore, it is essential to err on the side of caution and call a professional electrical repair technician

Electrical surges also cause electrical fires. Find out how to avoid this situation from happening in your home on our blog. 

Electricians are Licensed and Trained 

When you hire an electrician like the ones at Doug’s Service Company, you can rest assured knowing that a specialized professional will be doing the work for you. Electricians are required to complete a rigorous training program with an apprenticeship and a licensing exam. This training process prepares them to handle any and all electrical repairs with safe and quality measures in place. 

Doing It Yourself Can Be Illegal 

Certain laws in each state prohibit certain repairs from being done without the expertise of an electrician. If you perform a repair that goes wrong, you may be facing fines and even imprisonment, depending on the severity of the problem. At that point, saving money on repair tech becomes totally not worth the effort. So, let the electrician do the heavy lifting for you and avoid legal trouble. 

The Pros Do It Right the First Time

The bottom line is that electricians do it right the first time. Whether it is a seemingly quick fix or a complicated electrical repair, you can trust that you will get the correct repairs done in the safest way possible. Even if you watched all the YouTube videos and read all the WikiHows about the specific work that needs to be done, it still won’t be the same as the quality a professional can provide. Plus, you will be slowed down by having to call a tech after all when you realize that your attempts didn’t work at all. Additional materials and labor expenses will cost you more than you intended. 

Homeowners’ Insurance Won’t Be Voided

Most homeowners’ insurance policies have a clause prohibiting people from attempting their own electrical repairs. Your homeowners’ insurance policy will be voided if that rule is violated. If your DIY repair turns into a nightmare situation of a house fire, the insurance company will not help you out. This can leave you without a home and without money. For this reason alone, doing your own repairs is not worth the trouble. 

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