Where Can I Find a $59 AC Tune-Up?

Where Can I Find A 59 Ac Tune Up

Lots of homeowners put off or avoid maintenance to save money. But we know doing so will only cost you more later. If you want to take advantage of a $59 AC tune-up, look no further than Doug’s Service Company in southern Louisiana.

Finding an affordable AC tune-up shouldn’t be hard. We’re offering a special now that can save on maintenance and repair. This offer also includes savings on a new AC or heating system with no money down. Not to mention the 5-star service our company is known for. 

What’s an AC Tune-Up?

A tune-up basically means you’re getting a complete preventative maintenance package. It includes an inspection of your air conditioner, furnace, and ductwork. We’ll clean the condenser coils so your system will run more efficiently. In addition to reducing wear and tear, this can also cut down on energy costs.

During an AC tune-up, we’ll also check coolant levels. If they’re lower than they should be, we’ll recharge the AC refrigerant and look for possible leaks. We’ll also look at how the blower motor is working and inspect the blower belt. If any part looks worn or damaged, it should be replaced. We’ll do this in the same visit so you won’t notice any related problems.

Another important part of an AC tune-up is inspecting and testing safety devices. Your AC should shut off if there’s a surge or other serious problem. Our technicians will also tighten electrical connections and inspect wiring, calibrate the thermostat, and look for sources of energy loss in your ductwork. 

When Should I Get My AC Tuned Up?

This is a question we often hear. Tune-up specials are offered now for a reason. In general, HVAC service is recommended twice a year. Your air conditioner should be checked before it gets hot, and your furnace should be checked before it gets cold. Why schedule a tune-up early? It ensures you get the service you need and it’s easier to schedule before we start getting more emergency calls.

Why Is an AC Tune-Up So Important?

A tune-up doesn’t have to be expensive; and it isn’t with Doug’s $59 AC Tune-Up. The reasons we recommend scheduling one include:

  • Improved efficiency, so you save on energy bills.
  • Minor problems are found/fixed so costly repairs are avoided.
  • Manufacturer warranties require tune-ups to stay valid.
  • Your home will be more comfortable.
  • An AC system can last much longer.

A tune-up can significantly reduce the risks of hassles later. For example, checking the amperage and volt draw of the compressor allows us to see if it’s getting more power than necessary, which can short it out. Loose wiring connections can cause damage, but are easy and affordable to fix. We check fittings for signs of oil leakage, whether suction line fittings are properly secured, and if isolation pads are installed and in good condition.

All aspects of an AC tune-up are intended to find small issues. If left unchecked, these will persist and possibly lead to major damage over time. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to fix the system, you can get a $59 AC tune-up from Doug’s Service Company and never have to deal with a sudden AC breakdown and the associated costs.

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