What Causes a Sewer Leak?

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It is probably very safe to assume that a sewer leak is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Sewer leaks produce awful smells, and pose a great hazard to the structure of the home and the health of everybody present. In short, they are just some of the most annoying and, quite frankly, gross. Yet, despite how disgusting a sewer leak can be, it is extremely important to know how it is caused and what to do when you need to repair a sewer leak. Read on to learn more about the causes of sewer leaks.

Tree Roots

There are times when tree roots grow so deep into the ground that they end up cutting into the sewer line and piercing it. This inevitably causes a sewer leak. If you notice that some of the older, bigger trees on your property are very close to the sewer lines, it won’t hurt to get their roots checked out. 

New homebuyers should take the necessary steps to have all the trees, plumbing, and sewer lines inspected prior to their final decision to buy the home. Also, an annual sewer line inspection will do wonders in preventing the nightmare that is caused by sewer leaks. 

Natural Causes

Unfortunately, natural causes that lead to sewer leaks are largely inevitable, and repairs of sewer lines will be required. Hurricanes and severe rain storms can cause enough damage to affect the sewer lines to the point of a potential sewer leak. Prior to each hurricane season, it is important to have your sewer system inspected for any required repairs or adjustments. 

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The level of damage that is caused by rust and corrosion is incredible. Rust is most commonly seen in older homes that have aged sewer lines. Homes that were built before the 1970s are equipped with cast iron pipes. Though these types of pipes last 80-100 years, they will develop rust at the end of their lifespan. The following are signs that you may need to replace or repair the sewer line due for replacement due to rust:

  • If your home is built before 1970
  • Increased sewage backups and slow drainage 
  • Foul stench
  • Indentation in driveway or lawn
  • The growth of mold 

If you notice any of these signs, it may be time to Call Doug’s Service Company to request a repair of sewer lines. 

Improper Digging

If you’re getting ready to work on a project that involves digging into the ground, it is important to be aware of the location of sewer lines. Any accidental dig at the sewer lines can result in a disastrous leak and costly repairs. 

To avoid this situation, we recommend one of the following two options. First, contact your local sewer repair technician, who can help map out where the sewer lines are located. Doing so well helps you avoid these accidents. Alternatively, consider hiring a professional to do the digging for you. Though it may cost more than what you originally planned to pay, it will save money on potential repairs of sewer leaks.

What If I Don’t Repair the Sewer?

Repairing sewer leaks seems like a very dreadful task, yet it is a very important one. If the leak is left without repair for an extended period of time, it will eventually result in irreparable harm, which will cost a lot in repairs.

Sewer leaks increase moisture levels around the home. This moisture will attract insects and rodents who are particularly fond of the smell of sewer odors. Mold also loves moisture and thrives in it. Therefore, you will begin to notice its development in your home, along with that unmistakable sewer odor. 

There is also a great possibility of structural damage that is produced by excess water and the spread of mold. In addition, the increased levels of water expenditures will result in higher water bills. Overall, avoiding the repair of sewer leaks will cause many problems that are not worth dealing with in your home. Therefore, if you notice any potential sewer leaks, make sure to call your local sewer repair technician for assistance. 

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