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Tips to troubleshoot your A/C equipment

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Don't panic and take these simple steps to check your A/C system.

  • First if you have a digital thermostat make sure the display is working. If no display be sure to check the batteries. Make sure you turn the system on as well.
  • If you can check the indoor and outdoor unit circuit breakers make sure the breakers are in the on position. Sometimes after bad weather a safety breaker may "trip". A tripped breaker can also be the end result of a more serious problem.
  • Check the indoor unit emergency condensate drain pan. If water has filled in the pan there may be a water level safety switch that has shut the unit off to help prevent damage from occurring. If this is the case you can remove water from the condensate drain pan to get your A/C system back cooling. Be cautious when doing this as allowing the system to come back on with a drain issue may lead to damage.
  • If all else fails Doug's is here to serve you. Give us a call at 985.222.2913 and we will get you back cooling fast!
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David Yelverton
David Yelverton
13:38 02 May 21
Inspected unit to locate noise caused by fan
Karen Ball
Karen Ball
18:36 29 Mar 21
Impeccable customer service and check up! Thanks! Will definitely use again~
Josh and Deserae Dickerson
Josh and Deserae Dickerson
00:00 31 Dec 20
Ask for Kenny Rivero great guy really informative on what was happening with the unit and what he was doing to solve the issue. Made the repair in a timely manner and correct. Will definitely be calling back and asking for Kenny, and thanks to Doug's for getting me out of the heat.
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