The Importance of Whole House Surge Protectors

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The average home in Thibodaux or Houma goes through many power surges every year. These surges travel through your electrical system, through your outlets and into your electronics and appliances. This damages these possessions and the electrical wiring itself, causing shorter lifespans and in some cases, immediate failure. Doug’s is here to guide you through understanding power surges and protecting against them.


Types of Surges and Their Consequences

Power surges fall into two categories:

Internal Surges – Did you know most surges originate inside of your home? An average of 20 small internal surges happen every day, caused by major appliances switching on and off. That’s pretty crazy! And every time these small surges go through your electronics, they cause a small amount of damage. This damage builds up and eventually causes premature failures.

External Surges – An external surge is often a death sentence for your electronics. They are usually caused by extreme weather, including lightning strikes. They can also originate from your power company if there are damages to the local power grid.

These surges damage the small electrical components of your:

  • Laptop & Desktop Computers
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Washer & Dryer
  • Television
  • Landline Phones
  • Answering Machines

These are issues you wouldn’t have had to worry about 30 years ago, before smart home technology was developed, but now our appliances are advanced enough to be susceptible. Seems a bit backwards, but basically, more technology means more to protect.


Why Use a Whole House Surge Protector

A whole house surge protector can help protect every single outlet in your home against both internal and external power surges. This ensures your entire electrical system and everything that it is connected to, including your hvac system, is protected. A professional electrician can hardwire this device to your service panel. The standard homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t cover surge damage, so most people would benefit from preventing the damage in the first place.

Another thing to consider is the area where you live. Are you on the outskirts of the city or right in the middle? Surges can happen anywhere, but the further your home is from the main power grid, the more likely you are to experience surges.

Interested in protecting you home? Feel free to call Doug’s at (985) 746-1116 to discuss a whole house surge protector that fits your needs.

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