The Dangers of Non-GFCI Outlets in Bathrooms & Kitchens

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GFCI Outlets Are Vital For Your Safety

Any area in (or outside) your home where moisture and water are commonly present should have GFCI outlets to protect against harmful electrical shocks. This is especially important in high traffic areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

The dangers are simple: shock or even death from electricity. Kitchens and bathrooms are routinely used every day and the amount of water and electrical appliances used within these rooms makes the likelihood of electrical shock higher. Things like curling irons, hair dryers and small cooking appliances all pose as electrical shock threats.

For example, if part of you is in contact with a metal fixture that is grounded, such as a running faucet, and you touch a plugged in hair dryer, the power surge within the hair dryer can combine with the conductive power of the water and result in you being painfully shocked or even killed through electrocution.


How A GFCI Outlet Protects You


GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. GFCI outlets work to protect you from shock by immediately halting the flow of electricity whenever they detect an imbalance in the electrical current. If a ground fault occurs, the GFCI outlet will cut off electricity almost instantaneously, preventing you from being shocked.

The National Electrical Code actually requires that GFCI outlets are installed in spaces where high levels of water and moisture can occur, though many older homes built before this code went into effect could still have regular outlets in their kitchens and bathrooms.


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