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Camera Inspections

Doug’s Will Find The Clog on Film!

The pipes and sewer lines of your plumbing system are not always easily accessible. They may be buried underground, making it difficult to detect and assess problems.

Leaks or blockages that go undetected can cause more significant problems if they are not repaired quickly. At Doug's Service Company our plumbers stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and use video cameras to inspect and diagnose issues with your plumbing system in Houma or Thibodaux.

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What Are Video Camera Inspections

Camera inspections provide an effective method for checking the health of pipes and sewer lines. The cameras are flexible, snake-like devices that get inserted into your pipes. Our plumbers have a monitor on their end that allows them to see what the camera is picking up as it moves through the system.

Because of their flexible design, the video sewer cameras can twist and turn along with the shape of the pipes, allowing us to easily and thoroughly inspect deep, hard-to-reach areas of pipe.

Video Camera Inspections Are Beneficial

One of the greatest benefits of conducting a video inspection is that it prevents the need to break up cement or dig into the ground to inspect your pipes. As the video relays on the monitor, our plumbers can easily locate the source of leaks or blockages and can see if any potential future problems are present. Knowing exactly where the problem lies, we can then go in and repair the issue.

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