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New Orleans Drain Cleaning Services

Don't Let Clogged Drains Disrupt Your Life & Home

The drains in your home are vital to your plumbing system. Unfortunately, they are under constant pressure to keep up with the dirty water and waste they are responsible for removing from your home. Clogged drains aren't just annoying; they can create an unsafe environment in your home if they are not resolved right away. At Doug's, our New Orleans drain cleaning experts can remedy any type of issue and leave you with free-flowing drains. We assist both residential and commercial customers throughout New Orleans, Thibodaux, Houma, and the nearby areas.

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Causes & Signs of Clogged Drains

There are many ways your drains can become clogged, from cooking oils in your kitchen drain to hair buildup in the shower drains. In some cases, items such as children's toys in a toilet drain can cause major damage. If you stay aware of the signs of a drain problem, you may be able to catch clogs before they cause serious damage to your home.

Our technicians can help if you have noticed the following:

  • Drains or toilets backing up
  • Noises coming from your toilets
  • Unusual odors in your home
  • Slow drainage in your toilets and sinks
  • 5 Proactive Measures To Take To Avoid Needing Drain Cleaning

1. Rinse your drains once a month - The best way to keep your drains clean is to rinse them once a month with hot water and vinegar. Clear out the gunk in your garbage disposal with ice cubes.

2. Consider a lint-trap on your washing machine's drain line - In order to avoid visits from our New Orleans drain cleaning gurus, put a lint-catcher on your washing machine's drain line. This device will make sure that the dirt and debris from your clothes don't clog up the line.

3. Dispose of cooking oils and grease in a used jar or milk carton - While it might be easy to wash your cooking oils and grease down the drain, they will stick to your pipes. Once stuck to your pipes the food that's passing by will incrementally get caught can cause clogs.

4. Install a hair-stopper on your shower drain - There is no call for New Orleans drain cleaning we get more then hair in the shower drain. These filters are super cheap, very easy to install, and will save your pipes from constant drain cleaning.

5. Throw out the following foods in the trash - Coffee grounds, egg shells, celery, pasta, and rice should all be disposed of in your trash can. These fibrous or starchy food items don't interact well with garbage disposals and can cause all sorts of havoc.

Why Hire a Drain Cleaning Professional?

While there are many ways to address a clogged drain in your home, our licensed professionals caution against using harsh chemicals on your drains. These store-bought chemicals can cause damage to your pipes that may require more costly repairs. Instead of trying to handle the job yourself, trust Doug's to perform professional drain cleaning in New Orleans. We can ensure that your drains and pipes will be cleaned safely, effectively, and without damage to your plumbing system.

Give us a call today at 985-746-1116 to make an appointment with our New Orleans drain cleaning specialists.