Laundry Scrubber

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Space-Age Technology Helps You Save Money & Save Your Skin

Do you ever wash and dry your clothes and then find when you pull out your freshly washed clothes, ready to start your day, that they still have bad odors? This happens because dirt, odors and old detergents become ingrained in your clothes over time. However, using the Laundry Scrubber cold water system from Doug’s Service Company is a great way to remove these old, stubborn smells and can also save you money.

How Laundry Scrubber Works

Cold water is mixed with peroxide, oxygen and gases to pull grime and dirt from the fibers in clothes, which prevents growth of bacteria that causes odors. Laundry Scrubber leaves your clothes cleaner and brighter and your towels softer. Your Doug’s plumber can easily install the Laundry Scrubber unit to your washing machine without making any additional modifications to your plumbing. Laundry Scrubber also requires no maintenance and no cleaning, which saves you time and money.

Protect Your Family From Chemicals

Chemicals used in laundry detergents can number in the hundreds, some of which are carcinogenic and may disrupt hormone functions. Detergent may cause asthma, rashes, headaches and itching. Laundry Scrubber with ActivePure technology doesn’t use detergents and reduces your family’s contact with toxins.

Save Money

Using hot water to clean your laundry can be expensive, not only because it uses more energy than cold water, but because it can fade your clothing and cause you to replace them sooner. In addition to saving you on the cost of hot water and replacement clothing, Laundry Scrubber can also save you money by reducing your need for:

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

The Laundry Scrubber reduces your energy usage by using cold water as opposed to hot water. Additionally, lots of toxins from laundry detergents unfortunately end up in oceans, streams, rivers and groundwater. Without the need for detergent and bleach, this system reduces the amount of detergent byproducts in our water and plastic containers that you throw into the trash to zero. When you use Laundry Scrubber and reduce your impact on the environment, you are preserving the earth for generations to come.

Ready To Switch To A Safer, More Energy-Efficient Clean?

Keep your family away from dangerous chemicals, help to protect the environment and save money and time by installing a Laundry Scrubber with ActivePure technology!

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