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Make Sure Your AC Unit Is The Right Size For Your Home

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If your home’s AC unit is either too small or too large, you may have to deal with some expensive headaches.You should always rely on a reputable, trustworthy, professional HVAC company to correctly size and install your AC system. Read further to see the costs of an AC unit that’s just not the right fit.


System Too Small?


It’s obvious what the main issue is with a system that is too small. It will have to work harder to keep your home cool. This means that the system will run for long periods just to barely provide you with an adequate—or even inadequate—amount of cool air. This translates into discomfort and high power bills from wasted energy.


System Too Big?


Believe it or not, an AC system that is too large for your home can cause major issues as well. It may seem that a system that’s oversized will only result in an abundance of cool air, but this is not the case. This is because oversized units short cycle. Short cycling means the system will run for a brief amount of time, produce a large amount of cool air and then shut off before the space is actually sufficiently cooled.


Short cycling can result in:

  • Uneven, insufficient temperatures in your home. Some spots may be noticeably hotter or cooler than other spots
  • High humidity levels that create great environments for mildew and mold to thrive in. Mildew and mold can pose a risk to you and your family’s health.
  • Faster wear and tear on your system’s components due to the higher frequency of powering up and down. This can reduce the lifespan of your system and increase the likelihood of expensive failures occurring sooner.

You Can Rely On Doug’s Refrigeration For Accurate AC Installation

Call Doug’s today at (985) 222-2913 when you need professional AC installation or if you think your current system is the wrong size. Our experienced AC technicians are properly trained and will take into account all factors needed to determine the AC unit that is correct for your home’s specific needs.

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Kendra Clements
Kendra Clements
20:08 22 Jun 21
The guys that serviced our old unit and installed our new ac system were great! The new system is so quiet and our house feels amazing now! I recommend them to anyone thats needs any ac services.
alicia knight
alicia knight
17:42 22 Jun 21
I was referred to Doug's by a friend, I was greeted on the phone by a very friendly receptionist who took all my info, all that was great. The problem is our technician who came to service my rental property. He was full of attitude, and not professional what so ever according to the tenant. He acted like he was inconvenienced to be making the service call. He called us with the recommendation and pricing, and when we said we would take care of the minor maintenance ourselves, he told our tenant "good luck, because we don't want to spend the money". Hopefully this technician, Samuel, isn't a reflection of Doug's. We all have jobs to do, and if you don't like your job, find a new one! I also left a message for the supervisor to give me a call back yesterday as soon as I found about this information, and have yet to receive a call back.
Lawrence J Mango-Kraemer
Lawrence J Mango-Kraemer
19:55 07 Jun 21
Just recently moved to Louisiana and I bought a gas stove. Unfortunately, the old owners had an electric one and I don’t know how to change electric outlets or gas line/valve stuff. So, to make a long story short the home is older and has fuses and breakers. So, for my own safety and comfort I contacted them. They were very responsive and were able to get me in the same day! When I googled an electrician Doug’s was the first one to pop up. I’m so glad that him and a team member came to my home and installed two new outlets with correct wiring for the gas stove and switched out the gas valve and knew where the shut off was. So, now I can go to sleep knowing it was done correctly and will not have any issues! So, thank you Doug’s!!!! I will definitely use them again if needed!
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