Let Home Automation Bring You The Next Level of Comfort

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You’re a busy person. From work, taking care of the kids or traveling, it’s easy to forget things like locking your doors or turning off the lights when you leave home. Thankfully, modern technology can bring you some much needed comfort and peace of mind.

Home automation can help you save on energy costs, enhance your security and simply make your life more comfortable.


Benefits of Automation in Your Home:


  • Efficient HVAC Performance


The NEST Pro programmable thermostat is a powerful technology that instantly begins to learn how and when you like certain temperatures. After a few weeks, this smart technology will have your schedule down pat, and will adjust accordingly to your preferred heating and cooling levels. This means effortless comfort for you and efficient HVAC operation that can mean utility bill savings as well.

NEST also features an auto-away setting that can sense when you’re away on vacation and adjust your HVAC setting for maximum energy savings while your home is empty. When its activity sensors sense that you’ve returned home, it will automatically adjust the temperature to meet your ideal comfort standard. NEST takes the work out of home comfort.


  • Added Security & Peace of Mind


Having the power to strategically turn lights on and off when you are away from home can significantly reduce the chances of a burglary, as would-be thieves will think someone is actually occupying the home. The same logic applies to remotely monitoring security cameras and motion sensors while you’re away, giving you the ability to quickly notify the authorities of intruders.

Additional benefits of home automation include being able to check in on babysitters, pet sitters and house sitters while you’re away and being able to remotely lock your doors if you’ve left in a hurry and forgotten to lock up. You can even have water sensors installed in rooms with plumbing that will alert you if you have a plumbing emergency. With smart home technology, the possibilities are endless!

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