Is Your Thermostat Not Working, Or is There Another Issue?

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Do you know how long it should take your HVAC system to raise or lower your home by one degree? There are few factors to this, including the size of your home, the type of system you have and the age of your system. But chances are, you can tell when it’s not heating or cooling fast enough.

If you set your thermostat and hours later you come back and see that your home still hasn’t reached the desired temperature, you probably have a problem on your hands. But what problem are you experiencing? Let Doug’s run you through some likely scenarios for why your thermostat doesn’t appear to be working.


Problem #1 – A Simple Filter Issue

If changing your air filter has slipped your mind, your HVAC system will complain. Dust and dirt will cake up in the filter and block the airflow.

Filter Change Tips:

  • Change your filter every month if you have pets.
  • Pay attention to MERV ratings to see how effective the filters are.
  • Write the date of the last filter change on the edge of the new one.

Problem #2 – Leaky Ducts

Leaky air ducts are a very common problem. They let a lot of the air from your HVAC system escape, causing uneven temperatures and wasted energy. This makes it look like your thermostat is malfunctioning, even though it’s not. A professional can inspect your ducts and fix them.


Problem #3 – Old Unit Age

Sometimes your HVAC unit is simply too old to work properly, and one more repair — to the thermostat or anything else — isn’t going to do the trick. In a situation like this, a full system replacement is the best option.


Problem #4 – Inadequate Home Insulation

Is your HVAC system heating or cooling the neighborhood instead of the house? Often, what appears to be a problem with the thermostat is actually a problem with insufficient insulation. This could be a reality if you haven’t gotten your home’s insulation updated.


Problem #5 – You’re in the Dead of Summer or Winter

The outside temperature can really affect the abilities of your HVAC unit. If we’re experiencing a serious hot or cold spell, that can explain the temperature inconsistency. Give your unit a few hours to see if it can achieve the desired temperature. Sometimes, you just have to wait until the extreme weather blows over.


Problem #6 – The Actual Thermostat

First, try changing your thermostat batteries. If that doesn’t work, look for signs that your thermostat is not working, such as an unresponsive interface and flickering or faded display.

There are quite a lot of potential reasons why your home isn’t able to reach the temperature you set the thermostat to, several more than we have mentioned. It can be overwhelming to try and pinpoint them yourself. If you need a professional to come take a look at your thermostat or HVAC unit, call Doug’s at (985) 746-1116.

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