Is It Necessary To Replace Your Air Conditioning During A Major Home Renovation?

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A few weeks ago we discussed whether it’s necessary to replace your air conditioning before listing your home for sale, which raised the question “what about when you’re renovating?” Much like the home sale question, this answer varies based on the size and scope of your home renovation. Let’s look at a few of the possibilities.


You’re Doing An Interior Facelift


When you want to give you Houma or Thibodaux home a fresh new look that’s less labor-intensive and more cost-effective, an interior facelift is the way to go. You can achieve a total home refresh by rearranging furniture, doing new wall treatments and changing your decor.

Because a renovation of this type doesn’t involve moving any walls, plumbing, ducting or any other part of your home’s infrastructure, you won’t need to invest in an air conditioning upgrade. You may, however, want to invest in an Air Scrubber to deal with any air quality issues that arise from paint, wallpaper adhesive or that chemical odor that comes off brand new furniture and decor items.


You’re Changing Your Home’s Interior Footprint


If you want to improve the look or function of your home by moving or removing walls—say, to create an open floorplan or expand your master bathroom—it’s a more involved and expensive process but will significantly increase your home’s value, not just from a real estate perspective but as a welcoming and enjoyable living space.

Changing your home’s interior footprint won’t increase its square footage, so you won’t need to upgrade your air conditioning unit to accommodate the new living spaces, however, there are other concerns that will need to be addressed. Because you’re moving walls, you’ll want to work with Doug’s to update any affected electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, and air conditioning ductwork. The ductwork renovations will be particularly important to ensuring your continued comfort in your newly renovated space.


You’re Adding Rooms & Square Footage


Adding rooms to your home is a truly exciting undertaking. The most expensive and labor-intensive type of home renovation, this is also the type that produces the biggest reward overall: the reward of additional space.

However, because you’re adding square footage to your home, you will almost certainly need to upgrade your air conditioning system as well. This is because your currently system likely doesn’t have the capacity to effectively cool your home with the added space. You can meet your added air conditioning needs in one of two ways:

  • Replace Your Existing System—This is a good option if your current AC system is older and nearing the end of its service life. Not only will your new, larger capacity AC system be able to meet your home’s cooling needs with a single system, it will also be a lot more energy-efficient than the old system.
  • Keep Your Existing System & Add Ductless AC For The New Rooms—If your current air conditioning system is fairly new and it doesn’t make sense to replace it, you can install a ductless AC system that can cool the new rooms without your needing to make any changes to your existing air conditioning or ductwork. This highly convenient option will also allow you to design your addition without being constrained by the limitations of ducting.


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