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New Orleans Heating Replacement

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Many people assume that any heating installation handled by an HVAC company is performed correctly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. At Doug's, we have had to patch up many jobs that were previously "handled" by self-proclaimed heating experts. It is important that when you are replacing or installing a heating system, you do your research into the company you are hiring. Our New Orleans heating installation and replacement technicians are trained, licensed, and insured. We have even won awards for the excellence of our work.

To request an estimate for heating replacement in New Orleans, Houma or Thibodaux call us at 985-746-1116.

When to Consider Heating Replacement

Most heating systems last up to two decades, depending on its maintenance and use. In some cases, the need to replace your old heater may be obvious, such as if it stops working entirely. However, if a heater stops working early in its life, it can be more difficult to diagnose. You may want to consider heating replacement if your heating system is 15+ years old and constantly needing repairs or you have experienced a significant increase in energy bills.

4 Signs You Need A New Heating Installation

1. Your repair bill is almost half the cost of new heating replacement - Another formula is to multiply the cost of the repair by the age of the heating unit in years. If that total is greater than the amount of a new heating replacement then pull the trigger and make the switch.

2. Poor indoor air quality - As gas heating units get older, they'll pump out more dry heat than what is comfortable. If you notice an uptick in wilting plants or irritated skin then contact our New Orleans heating replacement professionals.

3. Energy bills that are through the roof - If your utility that powers your heating unit has a bill that keeps escalating then it could be because your unit is on its last legs.

4. One repair after another - We'll always be in to repair your unit no matter what, but at some point another repair call is going to be a little bit more expensive than heating replacement when you consider a new unit is on the horizon regardless.

When choosing a replacement heater, you will want to consider the following:

  • Warranties
  • Sizing
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Budget
  • Rebates/incentives

Call Our New Orleans Heating Service Team

When you're making an investment as major as a new heater, it's essential that you choose the right company to handle the job. At Doug's, we go out of our way to educate our customers and ensure the entire project is completed efficiently. You can rely on us to provide you with top-quality equipment and workmanship, preventing any unnecessary problems in the future. Our skilled technicians understand the stress of not having a working system in place. Let us take care of your complete comfort.

Contact us at 985-746-1116 or online to schedule an appointment for heating installation in New Orleans.