How Leaky Ductwork Creates Uncomfortable Cold Spots In Your Home

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When it’s cold outside, you don’t want it to be cold inside as well. That’s why you run your heat! So if your Houma or Thibodaux area home has cold spots even with the heat running, you’ve got a problem.


Not Sure What We Mean By Cold Spots?


A cold spot is any place in your home’s finished, ducted area that is noticeably colder than the rest of your house. A cold spot could be a small area, like a corner in your dining room, or it could be larger, like the walk-in closet in the master bedroom.


What Causes Cold Spots?


Cold spots can be caused by any number of things, like a draft from an improperly sealed window or poor output from an improperly sized HVAC unit, but the most common cause is leaky ducts. When your ductwork is damaged, it can’t effectively move conditioned air from your HVAC unit to your living spaces, leaving you with insufficient home comfort.

Duct problems are a lot more common than you may think, especially in older homes. Most older homes have un-insulated, rigid metal ductwork, which expands and contracts with temperature changes. This means that over time they can develop cracks and loose connections at common stress points.

Newer homes aren’t without their duct problems, though. Nowadays flexible ductwork is more commonly installed because it’s easier to install and preinsulated. However, because it’s flexible, it’s susceptible to kinking and tearing.

Cracks, kinks, tears and loose connections in your ductwork all add up to the same thing: cold spots. And more than just being uncomfortable, cold spots are a sign that the heated air your HVAC unit provides is going to waste and driving up your energy bills.


What Can Be Done?


If your home has cold spots, call Doug’s for a duct inspection. We’ll find the source of your discomfort and fix it, either through repairs or by designing a whole new duct system so you can enjoy even, comfortable temperatures throughout your home.


Say Goodbye To Getting Goosebumps Inside

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