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In Louisiana, it’s essential to have an HVAC contractor for high-quality AC repair, installation, and maintenance. Doug’s Service Company is ready to help whenever you need a professional to help with heating or cooling near you. From planning the installation of high-efficiency units to providing emergency HVAC services, our NATE-certified technicians can promptly and effectively address all your heating and cooling needs.

Our technicians are experienced with fixing any problem on any AC make or model. Serving residential and commercial clients throughout the St. James area, they travel with all the parts and tools needed to troubleshoot and repair your AC, no matter how big or small the problem is. The sooner you call, the better your odds of saving up front and in the long run. 

AC Repair

In Southern Louisiana, temperatures soar well into the 90s for several months of the year. Therefore, your AC must keep working. If air isn’t blowing from the vents, the unit is making unusual noises, or turns on and off more frequently, call us for help. Don’t hesitate to call for AC repair if your home is warmer or more humid than it should be. A smelly AC is also a sign of something wrong, and if your energy bills go up for no reason, your HVAC system should be checked for issues that are reducing efficiency. Our team is available 24/7 to address a breakdown or other emergency.

AC Installation

High-quality AC installation in St. James is the first step to having a reliable, energy-efficient, and long-lasting air conditioner. Before installing a new unit, our team will determine the best model and sized system. Every household has different needs. Our mission is to ensure your AC system can handle the demand. The installation process involves several steps, from planning to permitting to disconnecting and removing your old unit; our technicians help every step of the way and ensure your home is clean and orderly when they’re done.

AC Replacement

The decision to replace your air conditioner isn’t always easy. Your older unit may still be running. But replacing it can avoid many hassles if it has required multiple repairs and the costs are adding up. If the unit is over 12 years old, uses R22 Freon, your home is humid, and the energy bills keep going up, you may want to consider AC replacement. Our technicians can evaluate your current system to determine if it’s worth continuing to run or if replacing the unit can ultimately save you money.

AC Maintenance

Routine maintenance can save you on other AC services such as more frequent, expensive repairs and premature replacement. Changing the filter is crucial, but just one aspect of proper AC maintenance. Our technicians will also clean internal components, test the blower, check thermostat accuracy, and inspect the ductwork. If the condensate system is clogged, they’ll clean it out, while refrigerant levels will be checked and recharged if necessary. Other maintenance steps include lubricating moving parts and inspecting wiring, electrical connections, and system voltage and amperage.

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