Drain Cleaners Can Be Quite Damaging

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Clogged drains can be an inconvenient nightmare. Usually the first thing that comes to mind for most people is to pick up a bottle of liquid drain cleaner from the local store. These products may be able to fix your clogged drains, but using them can cause serious damage to your body and your property.


A Threat To Your Family’s Health


Besides irritation caused by fumes, the chemicals in liquid drain cleaner can get into your eyes and lead to vision problems. Worse, ingesting said chemicals can be fatal. The colorful bottles that these cleaners are generally stored in can be particularly intriguing to small children who may mistake the cleaner for juice.

Dangerous chemicals commonly found in drain cleaners include:

  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Sulfuric Acid
  • Hydrochloric Acid


A Threat To Your Home’s Plumbing


The caustic chemicals used in liquid drain cleaners are very powerful. When you use drain cleaners on a fully clogged drain, the chemicals will damage your pipes at the same time as they dissolve the material causing the clog. Once again, these chemicals are very powerful and can eat away at copper piping, iron piping and even galvanized steel. This degradation can lead to troublesome and expensive leaks.

Besides posing threats to your physical well-being and your home plumbing system, liquid drain cleaners may not even give you the desired result. Damaged pipes or other plumbing issues may be the actual cause of your clogged drain, and a liquid drain cleaner will do nothing to solve such issues.


Trust A Professional Plumber For Drain Cleaning

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