Doug’s 5 Simple Vacation Prep Hacks For Your Home Comfort Systems

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Going on vacation? You’ll want to make sure you enjoy your trip worry free. That means tying up loose ends before you leave home. When tying up those loose ends, make sure you also take care of your plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems so that you can save energy and return to a well functioning, comfortable home after your time away!



Turn Off The Water

Turn you water off at the main shut off valve. This will eliminate any chances of damaging leaks or burst pipes. If you can’t turn your water off at the main valve, you can turn off the valves on individual water lines that supply things like refrigerators, toilets, dishwashers or sinks; this will take a few minutes longer to do, but will still protect your home from plumbing disasters.


Turn Your Water Heater Off

If the weather doesn’t call for conditions that can freeze water and pipes, turn off your water heater at either your home’s circuit panel or the shutoff handle on the actual water heater. This will reduce your energy consumption while you’re away. If the weather does pose a freeze risk, turn your water heater temperature setting to the minimum; your pipes will be safe from freezing and you’ll still save a ton of money on energy usage.



Set The Thermostat Higher

You’ll want to leave the AC running while you’re gone so the heat and humidity don’t foster mold growth and ruin your air quality or mess up your wood furniture or flooring.

However, you can significantly reduce energy costs by turning up the temperature in your home. A good rule of thumb is to set it at the halfway point between your preferred indoor temperature and the temperature outside — so if you prefer a temperature of 70° and the forecast calls for temps in the 90s, bump your AC up to 80°.



Turn Off The Lights

Make sure all of your lights are off so they aren’t wasting electricity. You can install a timer that turns on certain lights at night to ward off would-be intruders and then turns them off during the day so that they won’t waste energy.


Unplug Nonessentials

Just because no one is using TVs, computers, hair dryers or small kitchen appliances while you’re away doesn’t mean they won’t be pulling current. Leave your fridge and freezer plugged in, but unplugging everything else that’s not essential will save you energy and money.

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