Common Home Repair Projects You Should Leave to the Pros

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Fixing things around the house can be very rewarding. While there are many home repairs and design projects you can tackle on your own, some can be tricky — and downright dangerous — if you don’t know what you’re doing. In fact, you might even end up spending more money doing it yourself! Here are a couple of common situations in which you should hire a professional instead of testing your DIY skills.


Termite Control and Damage Repair

Do-it-yourself pest control seems easy enough, but termite treatments can be extremely toxic when applied incorrectly. On top of this, hidden damage to your home can make the structure unsafe. Pest control professionals know the best way to eradicate unwanted creatures from your home without putting your family’s health at risk. Plus, certified professionals tend to have stronger, more effective pest-control products that are not available to consumers. You can find local termite control professionals in your area using this search tool from HomeAdvisor.

After the pests are gone, have a professional inspect the termite damage in your home and plan any necessary repairs. Termites can damage the very structure of your home and even effect nearby trees, turning them into potential hazards. Hire a professional contractor and a tree feller to take care of these problems safely.


Replacing Windows

Whether termites have damaged your window frames or it’s just time to replace those drafty single-panes with something a little more modern, call an experienced window contractor. Glass installation mistakes are easy to make and can be extremely costly. Allow professional window installers to take measurements and find the right-sized windows to fit your home. You can, however, prepare for your window installation before the professionals arrive. Pick out the window style, frame material, and kind of opening mechanism you want.

In general, a large window and a complete installation cost about $1,000, though smaller windows and vinyl styles will be cheaper. If your current window frames are rotting, expect a more costly installation quote from your contractor.


Electrical Repairs

Electrical work can be expensive and also very dangerous when done improperly, possibly shocking the person doing the repair or creating a fire hazard in the home. You may even need a permit to do the electrical work legally. The Spruce recommends hiring an electrician even if you have some electrical knowledge — missing a simple step in any electrical job can cost you your life. Electricians charge about $50 to $100 per hour, but simple tasks such as installing light switches don’t take too long. You can cut costs by mapping your electrical circuits so electricians don’t have to spend time finding the source of your electrical problem.


Repairing or Installing Gas Appliances

Dealing with gas lines can be just as dangerous as electrical work, so avoid working on your furnace, gas range, or boiler yourself. A gas leak in the home can cause serious illness or death from carbon monoxide poisoning. It may even be illegal in your area to work on a gas appliance without a license! So, hire a gas fitter or gas plumber for help with these home projects.


Plumbing Work

Doing your own plumbing work may not be as dangerous as messing around with the wiring or gas lines in your home, but it can lead to some very expensive accidents. Attempting to fix a small leak could cause massive water damage. Plus, professional plumbers have special tools that just wouldn’t be cost effective for you to buy for one DIY home plumbing job.

Make sure the plumber you hire is licensed — warranties on water heaters may be void if the product was installed by an unlicensed plumber. According to This Old House, you can expect to pay about $70 per hour for plumbing work done on your drainage lines. Installing a new tap or fixing a leaking faucet tends to cost around $45 to $65 per hour plus parts.

It’s easy to find how-to guides and information online to help you complete your own repairs. Though this is great for small tasks, these guides can encourage homeowners to take on tasks that should be left to professionals. If you’re itching to work on your home, look for less complicated projects, like re-caulking your bathroom or removing gunk from a garbage disposal.

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