Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Tips

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Tips1

If the service or products you provide to your customers depend on a well-functioning refrigerator, you must ensure to keep up with good maintenance habits that will prolong its life. The following maintenance tips will help keep refrigerator repairs to a minimum and provide your business with optimal refrigeration. 

Keep Up With Cleaning The Inside & Outside 

One of the best practices to implement into the protocols of your cleaning routines is to clean the inside and outside of the refrigerator unit. This step may seem extremely basic but it is very important. First, regular cleaning will help you maintain the health standards set forth by local authorities. Second, it will help you keep your refrigerator in its best shape.


When debris accumulates on various parts, it can weigh down on coils and vents, leading to refrigerator repairs that can be costly. We recommend building this essential step into your cleaning routine. 

Routinely Clean the Condenser Coil

Condenser and evaporator coils help move air through the refrigerator. If they get backed up with dirt and debris, they will block airflow and decrease the efficiency of your unit. Blocked or lack of airflow can cause great damage to the food stored inside the refrigerator. A routine maintenance visit from Doug’s Service company can help ensure your business runs smoothly and all refrigeration repairs are up to date. 

Check for Mold

There is nothing worse than having to deal with mold in a commercial setting, where your business is run on very strict health codes. Mold in the refrigerator can cause a great number of problems. First, it can and will spread to other areas. Mold found in the fridge will eventually make its way to the food, making your staff and customers sick. It will also damage any affected structures, requiring refrigerator repairs or replacement, depending on the severity of the damage. 

Mold can form if the refrigerator isn’t getting adequate cooling or has an excess amount of moisture. If you spot molding, remove all items from the unit and discard everything with mold. Next, using a general dish detergent diluted with water, wipe down all surfaces and doors with a cloth towel. If the problem persists, contact a refrigerator repair technician from Doug’s Service Company. 

Check the Air Filters Often

Quality ventilation is dependent on clean and maintained air filters in your refrigerator. The combination of grease and dust clog up the filters and slow down air ventilation. Establish a routine cleaning schedule that includes checking the air filters. Improper cleaning practices or lack thereof will lead to unnecessary and costly refrigerator repairs. 

With a business that depends greatly on refrigeration, you probably understand the importance of being prepared for power outages that can result in inadequate cooling of your food products. We encourage you to check out these reasons for having a standby generator for your business. 

Clean Drain Pans and Tubes

As time goes on, drain pans and tubes accumulate debris that clog them. This causes stagnant water to accumulate on the bottoms of refrigerators Without the ability to drain. This can become very problematic and cause some serious damage to the fridge if it isn’t addressed properly, or in a timely manner. 

The drain pan is located in the back of the fridge just above the compressor. It is connected to the water tubes that empty out into that pan. If it clogs up with debris, it will cause the water to overflow. This problem would have to be thoroughly inspected and the necessary repairs would have to be made. To avoid this issue, it is recommended to have a technician from a refrigerator repair service company to inspect this problem.

When To Call Refrigerator Repair Service Near Me

When was the last time your commercial refrigerator got maintenanced? These maintenance steps and a regular maintenance visit from a refrigerator repair service company will help keep your fridge in proper order. Our refrigerator repair technicians have decades of experience and knowledge in commercial refrigeration. We are prepared to serve you any day or night, rain or shine. Get in touch with us today through our website or by calling (985) 322-5943.

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