Be Prepared For Flash Floods With A Sump Pump

Sandbags In Front Of Door Protect Flood

If you’re new to the Houma-Thibodaux area, you may not be prepared for how quickly water rises during rain storms. Longtime Acadiana residents can tell you how something as simple as a springtime shower can turn into a foot of water in your crawl space in a matter of minutes.

The good news is that flash flooding doesn’t have to have disastrous consequences for your home. There are things you can do, like installing a sump pump and making sure your property has good drainage, that will keep your crawl space safe from invading rainwater.


What Causes Our Flash Floods?


Southern Louisiana has a high water table; this means that the ground here has high moisture saturation, so when it rains the ground isn’t able to effectively absorb the rainwater and flooding is more likely to occur. If the water is allowed to stay down there for too long, you could develop a mold and mildew problem that can cause health problems for your family and degrade the stability of your home.


How Does A Sump Pump Keep My Crawl space Dry?



A sump pump’s only purpose is to keep your crawlspace or basement dry. The pump is installed at the lowest point in your crawlspace—the point all water will naturally flow to—and literally pumps water out of the space and away from your home.

When we at Doug’s install a sump pump, we dig and line a sump pit that makes it easy for water to gather around the pump and an outlet pipe that runs to the outside of your house. The sump pump has a sensor that tells it when the sump pit is filling with water, and it will automatically turn on and begin pumping water out of your crawlspace.

Residential sump pumps run on electricity, so when we install one we also make sure there is a GFCI outlet in your crawl space in order to reduce the chances of a short or power surge that could fry the pump. If your crawl space doesn’t currently have a GFCI outlet, we’ll install one with the sump pump.


Avoid Crawl space Flooding With A Sump Pump From Doug’s!

With the rains of spring happening now and hurricane season looming, you want to be sure your home’s crawlspace stays dry. Doug’s can help! Get in touch with us to schedule your sump pump installation today! (985) 746-1116.

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