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Year: 2018

Doug’s 5 Simple Vacation Prep Hacks For Your Home Comfort Systems
Going on vacation? You’ll want to make sure you enjoy your trip worry free. That means tying up loose ends before you leave home. When…
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4 Clever Ways You Can Prevent Electrical Fires In Your Home
What Causes Electrical Fires in Homes National Fire Prevention Week 2018 has arrived! What does that mean for you and your family? Because we have…
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AC Blowing Hot Air? Find Out What to Do From Doug’s
You could have sworn you adjusted your thermostat, but your home is still too warm for your liking. Maybe you go back to check your…
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The Importance of Whole House Surge Protectors
The average home in Thibodaux or Houma goes through many power surges every year. These surges travel through your electrical system, through your outlets and…
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Is Your Thermostat Not Working, Or is There Another Issue?
Do you know how long it should take your HVAC system to raise or lower your home by one degree? There are few factors to…
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Plumbing Tips to Avoid Leaks
Get the Scoop on the Top Plumbing Tips to Prevent Leaks Plumbing leaks are very common, but many of them can be prevented. You don’t…
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3 Signs You May Need New Pipes
Although the chances of degradation are higher over time, having old piping in your home doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to be replaced. The…
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Where is the Main Shutoff Valve in Your Home?
How to Shut Off Water to the House Taking quick action in the event of an emergency relies upon your preparation. In the case of…
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Don’t Let Misleading Plumbing Myths Cost You
Don’t Let Misleading Plumbing Myths Cost You Myths can spread like wildfire. It’s always important to research any myth before you believe it. Some myths…
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Save Money Every Day With These Helpful Tips
Your utility bills are something you just can’t escape if you need running water and electricity. But keeping your Houma or Thibodaux area home comfortable…
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