10 Ways To Increase Your Energy Efficiency & Lower Your Power Bill

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With the holidays in full swing, we’re all looking for ways to save a little money. Budgeting and shopping sales can definitely help you save money, but wouldn’t you love to spend less on your utilities as well? With these ten money saving tips from Doug’s, you can save energy and save money all year round.

1. Regular HVAC Maintenance—This could be the single biggest energy efficiency booster you canSmart Thermostat do. Regular HVAC maintenance can shave more than $30 from your monthly power bill. That adds up to over $350 a year!

2. Use A Programmable Thermostat—Another big energy saver is setting the thermostat to a more energy efficient temperature when you’re sleeping or at work, and with a programmable thermostat you don’t even have to remember to do it; the thermostat will do it for you.

3. Set Your Thermostat To Ideal Temperatures—Did you know your HVAC system has an ideal temperature where it will work at peak efficiency? Check your owner’s manual to find the ideal temperature range for heating and cooling your home.

4. Make Sure Your Ducts Are Sealed—You can lose up to 30% of your conditioned air through leaks in your ductwork, which is dollars out of your pocket. Make sure your ducts are sealed and insulated to keep that money in your pocket.

5. Upgrade Your Insulation—Over 80% of homes have insufficient insulation, so their HVAC systems have to work that much harder to heat and cool their rooms. If you have drafts and uneven temperatures, you probably need more insulation.

6. Always Wash Laundry In Cold Water—Not only will your washing machine use 90% less power, your clothes will be less likely to shrink!

7. Install A Tankless Water Heater—If your water heater is 8-12 years old, it’s time to replace it. A Tankless Water Heater new tank water heater will be energy efficient than your old one, but going tankless can double your energy efficiency.

8. Install Dimmer Switches—Your house doesn’t have to be bright as day for you to see comfortably. Have Doug’s install dimmer switches to you can see just as clearly without using as much power.

9. Unplug Electrical Items You’re Not Using Them—Just because they’re turned off doesn’t mean they’re not pulling current. An astonished 75% of energy used by TVs, DVD players, computers, microwave ovens and even coffee makers is used while they’re not actually in use!

10. Switch To LED Light Bulbs—LED bulbs cost more than incandescent bulbs, but they use a staggering 90% less energy. Plus, they last practically forever; depending on how long you live in your home, you may never have to change them.

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